Our handmade BABOUCHE shoes inspiration

Our handmade BABOUCHE shoes inspiration
Sometimes, when you go on a trip, and you don’t know about the weather conditions at your destination… well
shoes happen!
 Let us share with you our Babouche inspiration story.
 In June of 2017, our founder, Cleo, decided to visit her cousin in London and thanks to our good luck, she wasn’t well prepared. Keeping in mind the rainy English weather, she has packed only long-sleeved clothes and sports shoes in her luggage. The week she stayed there though, was the hottest of all seasons, as her cousin told her, the sun was burning and the temperatures were high every day…
One day, during her walk in Camden Town market, she felt her feet were burning, she didn’t have a choice… she should buy new shoes.
 Passing outside a local shop her eye was caught by a beautiful pair of Moroccan babouche shoes. There was her inspiration! She immediately bought them and wear them since then, every day all day for the next of her journey! She loved them!
So, basically, this pair of shoes was the main inspiration for the Cleo Gatzeli to design her own leather mules, with her own handcrafted perforated design in front, that stole our hearts.
We share here some pictures from the creative procedure that took place in the lab.
Meeting after meeting...
Discussion after discussion…
She finally choose the design.
After samples and samples…
Today’s BABOUCHE shoes were ready, and made in two colors.
Click HERE and watch a small video from the process.
Now you know about the uniqueness of our shoes.
They are 100% handmade from genuine leather, created with lots of love to complete your boho spring and summer outfits!
Add a bit of Moroccan style to your life with these minimal yet so stylish shoes.
Create your own walking memories and share them with us.
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