Your Summer Bag's Essentials

Your Summer Bag's Essentials
As summer is still on and.. always in our hearts, we have to own a bag for our beach essentials and not only.
Cleo Gatzeli's shoulder or backpack bags are your best choice to carry all our favorite summer items!
Let's see what they need to include..
First things first, our ETHNIC beach towel. The most eye catching and beautiful towel of all. 
If you want a stylish, unique, and handmade towel then you are in the right place.
Click here to see the whole towel collection and pick your favourite!
As for the minimal beach lovers, Cleo's handmade clutches are the best solution to keep their beach essentials. These clutches can easily be carried all-year-long, since they are very versatile.
A large collection is available at
Enjoy your shopping and feel free to create your own summer tale with us!

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