Maximal Botanical "Lilium" Ιnspiration

Maximal Botanical "Lilium" Ιnspiration
Flowers, the most beautiful creations in the world.
They look perfect and they smell amazing.
Lilium, our favorite tropical flower!
This summer the tropical and the exotic aesthetics make a comeback, the warm colors of safari sun and the island's sand are the hottest colors of the season.
This was the reason we created the Aloha floral print "Lilium"!
It combines the beauty of flowers and the deep shades of orange!
The maximal size of this floral print is what makes the pattern unique.
You can find a whole collection of our “Lilium” print here
The pieces are created in limited edition, and with passion and love for you, who are reading this text right now.
Click Here and find out all the Lilium Collection!
Which is your favorite?
Let us know!

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