PARALIA pareo sarong

Sarong Beach Wrap Swimsuit Cover Up Pareo



This pale toned pareo is inspired from a story written by a young kid, describing his feelings about the beach. It actually features an essay, written in Greek language and it really touches the pure emotions that the beach creates on people (from the child’s point of view, which is more innocent and clean).

* Inspiration: (the essay in the English translation) “Summer is already here and that is why so many people are having fun. One place to have fun is the beach. On the beach people: swim, they make sand castles, they fish, and they surf. My favourite hobby on the beach is fishing. The fishes that live in the beach are: sea urchins, crabs, dolphins and starfishes.

When we are on the beach we eat: toasts, cookies and we drink juice, tea and water.

There you see your friends sometimes and they cheer you up. You listen to the music there too. And there you wear swimsuits, masks and floaties.

I wish I go back to the beach to have fun again.”

  • 100% Viscose
  • 120gsm
  • Dimensions: 110cm x 165cm
  • Machine Wash, up to 30C

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