MOSAIC circular pareo sarong

Sarong Beach Wrap Swimsuit Cover Up Circular Pareo


pale pink

This circular pareo design resembles a mosaic pattern and is composed in soft pink, peach and mustard hues that are combined with black and white. You can wrap it around your neck, fold it in half and knot it around your waist, twist it and wear it as a headscarf, throw it on the sand and lay on it; it really has so many uses and more!

* Inspiration: Once upon a time we have witnessed beauty under our shoes...This design is inspired from a circular mosaic pavement we have come across on our journey to Istanbul last spring. It was a lovely coloured piece of art, which immediately provoked the idea to become a print. It is better wearing or laying on it, than stepping on it, after all!

  • 100% Viscose
  • 140gsm
  • Diameter: 150cm & 6 fringes all around it
  • Machine Wash, up to 30C

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