MONSTERART pareo dress

Sleeveless Beach Sarong Cover Up Duster Vest Pareo Wrap

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Our print design "MONSTERART" is a black background inspiration that features several leaves and flower shapes that add a dark, romantic and bohemian touch to your summer look! This pareo design, featuring two armholes, is created to be worn as a vest. So, wear this floral inspiration either open or wrap a "MONSTERART" printed belt around your waist to close it in front and you are ready to head to the beach! (check ** here below)

 * Inspiration: The leaves of the plant named "Monstera" were mainly the heart of this dark pop floral inspiration. Adding some other favourite flower shapes like "Sterlitsia" we created an harmonic artistic floral oasis for your wardrobe.

** This print comes also in a belt, that you can find in our ACCESSORIES --> BELTS section and you can awesomly combine these two to create a matchy combo !! Match it also with our shorts in the same print !

  • 100% Viscose
  • 100gsm
  • Size: one size
  • Machine Wash, up to 30C

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