Meet our brand new BEACH BED BANDS & Style Up your beach experience !

Cleo Gatzeli

Posted on May 29 2016

Let us introduce you a stylish solution to keep your towel on the beach bed, on the windy days at the seaside!
Our copyright patent, the beach bed bands.
An idea that Cleo came up with, a day at the beach.
 Needing to keep her pareo protected from the wind, and at the same time disliking the non-eco- friendly plastic clips.
She is anyway designing her own patterns for elastic bands for her collection’s skirts, so she would make a Series of beach bed bands to keep the pareos or towels on the beach beds. The idea became an actual design, and this design has her logo on it.
Colors, prints and surely a good mood was all she needed to create a whole collection of beach bed bands that is always enriched with more and more designs.
You can make one of them yours with one click HERE.
Remember shop only the authentic band with Cleos' Gatzelis logo tag.

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