It's "Siesta" time..

It's "Siesta" time..
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "Summer"?
If your first thought is the beach time under a tree and the melody of a tropical, relaxing musical rhythm, then the only thing that is missing from this moment is the "Siesta" print!
The warm colors of the sun and the sand are the inspiration of this print, which describes the siesta time.
This hand drawn print inspiration was created by the founder of the brand, Cleo, when she was on vacation on a tropical island. The mood of the place, the feeling of the sand at her toes, and the amazing sunset that she was looking at, made her start drawing.
And that's it... The Siesta print was born!
You can choose your favorite beachwear piece from the Siesta Collection to complete your outfit and enjoy this sunny day.



Find the pareos, the vests, the shirts, the shorts and skirts in this “Siesta“ print and you are ready to enjoy in style your day at the beach.



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