How it All Began..

How it All Began..
At this point, I would like to share with you a story.

The story of the missing towel

The story of the missing towel is written:  under a summer sun,
 In summer mood and in 3rd person, as all fairytales are...
Once upon a time, there was a girl who sensed that
Something was missing from her closet, something “favorite”.
She realized that “Oh, my God”, never had she owned a beloved beach towel.
Never recalled herself carrying or using one (that) she really loved.
Time went by… but this matter still lingered in her mind.
So, as soon as the thoughts matured, she set off to go find
What she believed was missing.
By the very beginning of her journey, she was surprised to meet people
That shared her views.
She had no clue that so many people around her thought in the same way.
This unexpected realization was a boost
And the support she found in those people made her will grow and flourish.
It has been 2 years since her journey begun
And the destination is still not reached.
The journey itself, however, is her happy place.
The journey is where she belongs.
And somehow, deep within, she really hopes it will last forever.
This photo is taken in 2009, in Folegandros, where I travelled with my very very very first beach towel inspiration !
I still remember people staring at the towel and asking me where I found it. It was then when I realized that I should believe more in my inner urge to create many more beach towel inspirations.
And so i did..

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